Donington Deer Management


Single and double track rail fittings in stainless steel built to suit

Overhead Running Rails

Effortless movement between prep area and chiller

Overhead Running Rails

Layout to suit requirements price quoted with specification required

Overhead Running Rails

trolleys for twin track rails

Overhead Running Rails

trolleys for single track rails

both types with stainless sealed ball bearings  £90-00 each


A single rail system designed  for use in low headroom larders such as units built in portacabin and shipping container situations

Overhead Running Rails

Track can be bolted tight up under the ceiling min radius of bend 500mm

Overhead Running Rails

Distance from ceiling to bottom of swivel hook only 140mm (7 ins)

Overhead Running Rails

Can be bolted along the top surface with 8 mm bolts or through lugs welded to the top surface to accommodate longer bolts

Overhead Running Rails

Used with spacers in the ceiling insulation to prevent crushing in the chiller areas

Overhead Running Rails

All stainless 4 bearing trolleys with swivel hook and sealed stainless ball bearings

£65.00 each plus carriage

Overhead Running Rails

Bearings fit inside track to reduce total height of track


A design very suited to low headroom larders.  A single rail system developed to make installation very simple and taking less headroom than systems with rollers on top of the tracking.

Overhead Running Rails

A rail in a stainless steel lined shipping container

Straight runs max stock length 6 metres through transport can limit length to 2 metres but with suitable junctions to make up the length needed.

£38.00 per metre c/w lugs welded on for fitting

Overhead Running Rails

Bends min radius 500 mm

With lugs welded on £160.00

Overhead Running Rails

Junctions L/H or R/H cord operated to change tracks

£320.00 each with lugs

a strain gauge incorporated into the rail system

the strain gauge set to register weight in kg when the carcase pauses on that section

the readout from the strain gauges can be located remotely

The digital readout from the strain gauges can be set to read the weight  anywhere convenient

low headroom rails high enough for red deer in preparation/skinning area

rails to bring carcases from  prep area to chiller passing over weighing module

low headroom rails high enough for red deer in chiller area

rails to bring carcases from chiller to cutting area with no heavy lifting