Donington Deer Management

Donington Red Stags settling a dispute by “boxing“ with their front feet whilst  protecting  this years growing new antlers

Welcome to Donington Deer Management

with the unprecedented rise in raw materials and energy prices we have had to increase our prices,

on mainly fabricated items from 2nd of September 2023 as now listed on this website

Donington Deer Management was founded in 1990 when David Stretton took over the management of Donington Deer Park  with its Red and Fallow deer herds as an extra to his  established Agricultural Engineering business of 30 years standing. Quickly realising that there was a need  for equipment to make life easier in the preparation and presentation of high  quality carcases for retail, David used his engineering experience to manufacture tools and equipment in steel and stainless steel to meet his needs. Other deer managers and recreational stalkers quickly saw the benefits and David soon found a demand for them. Donington Deer Management now offers a range of  high quality, hand made tools and equipment for both the professional organisation and the recreational stalker.

When the Deer Stalking Certificate levels 1 and 2 came about in 1997 David’s expertise was harnessed by DMQ, the awarding body, as a trainer, assessor, and internal verifier, after attaining the required academic qualifications. Donington Deer Management is an approved B.A.S.C training provider.

This website contains a catalogue of the equipment made by David in his extensive engineering workshops, as well as a range of high quality equipment recommended by Donington Deer Management. In addition we have the unique ability to design and manufacture Deer Handling and Butchery equipment to meet individual circumstances and needs. Stock items are listed with prices, we have de-registered for VAT so VAT is no longer charged.  Made to order items are charged individually, ring to discus and for estimates. All prices are ex works therefore postage or carriage is extra as indicated in the lists.

Our contact details are listed at the “contact” page, we are now in a position to take credit card transactions by telephone only but not internet or bank transfers so this is not listed as an option. We are happy to discuss your requirements or give advice (if we can) by telephone day or evening but not before 9.00am.

Donington Deer Management

Donington Fallow Bucks in Velvet

Donington Deer Management

A Fallow uses a fallen Donington Oak for camouflage

Donington Deer Management

The origin of the phrase “In Tatters” a Red Stag shredding the current season’s Velvet